How To Play Word Streak

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How To Play Word Streak With Friends

There are three rounds to score as many points as possible by finding words on the playing grid.
Each letter is assigned a word value. Some letters have double or triple points, depending on the round.

Before you begin playing, you have to determine which type of game you want to play. Your options are:

Solo Play
This is a great way to sharpen your skills while you are waiting for friends or random opponents to challenge you. If you don’t like waiting around for your turn, playing against “The Coach” is your fix.

Daily Tournaments
Every 24 hours, you are allowed to use a “Daily Spin”. There are a multitude of prizes that are randomly drawn. One of these prizes are tickets. Tickets can be used to enter daily tournaments. These are 8-player tournaments that give you experience points, depending on how well you compete. Random players get assigned into a bracket. If there aren’t enough players online at the time you want to play, occasionally there will be NPC’s (non-player characters) that are generated and will play against you. Tournaments are a great way to keep your skills sharp, learn new aspects of the game and get you amped up to throttle your friends that dare challenge you!

Daily Challenge
Every 24 hours, a challenge is issued. Some challenges alot a point value for every word you can find, with a target point total to achieve. Successfully complete 5 daily challenges in a row and get a big prize.

Power Ups

Mega Freeze
Mega Inspire

The beauty of this game is that there are so many permutations and nuances that there is something here for everyone! Play by yourself, play against a friend, play in a tournament environment, use power ups, go traditional and don’t use power ups at all, compete in the daily challenge, take on your opponent in the “Match Of The Day” or utilize the “Smart Match” feature and get paired up with someone completely new.

If you enjoy finding the proverbial “needle in the haystack”, you have found your newest game.

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